Thursday, 14 September 2017

Is Donald Trump Channelling Elvis?

This is one of the delights of Being Gen X. If you first got to listen to the music and then subsequently get to see the visual, it adds a special layer of nostalgia and meaning that is impossible to describe to younger people who grew up with Youtube and full media or multimedia as it once was called.

I'm posting this Elvis clip as it claims to be new video footage though I doubt it is. However it is notable for a drunk and barely able to breath Elvis launching into song and smashing it out of the park.

I also find the first few seconds of Elvis in the video remind me of Trumps body language.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Joel Osteen - Parody

There's possibly a bit more to Osteen and his wife (nee) Iloff than meets the eye (sic), but suffice to say the mega-church leader's hypocrisy has been uncovered.

I notice the 'believers' and 'followers' of Osteen on Twitter invariably have no ability to separate what he says from what the Bible says. 

This has to be a fundamentally mental-illness in anyone who claims to be a follower or believer in Christ.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kung Fu Hustle - 2004

Kung Fu Hustle has to be the best example of a film that has local themes, but is flat-out globally funny. 

Well, OK it might not make sense to a North Korean or Arctic Circle dweller but it is a hoot, and I'm surprised it took me 13 years to get round to seeing as I recall buying the DVD in Bangkok when it was released.

Psychological Profile of the Criminal Global Elite - Dr Katherine Horton & Tim Kelly

An excellent discussion on the sophisticated nature of the reality that is programmed into people and its remoteness from the authentic human experience. 

Dr Katherine Horton doesn't mention her own experiences in this episode, though the informed will be aware of her persecution by the transnational deep state.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What Does Critical Theory Say About Jonestown?

At the one minute mark, the best graphics I've ever seen take place with Wolf Blitzer taking a good kicking.

If anybody feels compelled to debate me on the Frankfurt School can you connect with me on Skype so I can record it please?

Monday, 28 August 2017

Interview With Robert Stanley

I first connected with Robert back in 2011 via Skype from Thailand to the US. Later on he moved to Hong Kong and we chatted again while I was in Bangkok. Then, by pure synchronicity I subsequently moved to an Island in Hong Kong that is literally minutes away from the Bay he lives on and we hooked up when time permitted and very pleasant it was too.

One thing about Robert's work and life journey that seperates him from most other researchers is that he's the only one to name the eye of the pyramid or rather if there really is an hierarchical control structure, then there must be an all seeing eye at the top in control. An individual if you wish.

Robert has a name for that being, and a back-story too which I don't think anybody else has articulated as cogently and persuasively as in Robert's case though he also comes  with first hand experience too. 

Having met him multiple times and at length I can vouch for his credibility.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Winston Keech

Win Keech of course is somewhat responsible for ushering in Simon Parkes on to the wider stage. There's a wonderful interview from back in the day when Simon was deferential to Win, though he now struts the contactee/experiencer stage in full jungle loin-cloth and chest wig expounding on any subject callers care to ask questions of, as well as charging for remote healings, a sideline I could easily get into if I started to believe my own BS.

This is still an excellent interview for just thought-provoking information grounded in Keech's obvious engineering credentials. I'm not saying it's all kosher. I'm just saying it's interesting.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

No Country For Old Men

Intrigued by Tommy Lee Jones performance in A Coal Miners Daughter I returned to No Country for Old Men. 

10 years or so later,I'm still not convinced it's as great a movie as the critics claim, but it does have great characters. I particularly found Woody Harrelson's role as powerfully confident, though of course it's short lived, when he is prematurely terminated by the deeply unsettling Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Wild Tales - 2014

Wild Tales is laugh out loud funny. It's a compilation of six stories of Argentinian script writing that really bring the human experience to life. It was a pleasure to watch this kind of film making again and it reminded me of the more humorous scenes of some of Pedro Almodovar's movies.

The story about the guy who has his car removed by the city council is particularly pleasing.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Ole Dammegard - Staged Terror: Manchester, London, Charlottesville

To the uneducated mind the notion of staging terror to socially engineer populations seems impossible, and to be quite honest I've not paid much attention to this type of news since the tediously synthetic Boston bombing. 

However, Ole Dammegard is quite an authority on this subject, and as ever, he's just asking questions that ordinary journalists should be asking, but they can never digest the concrete fact that NATO has a long history of documented 'Strategy of Tension'.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Steve Pieczenik Schools Alex Jones

Alex Jones is discredited within the truth seeking community for dispensing with 9/11 truth to shill for Donald Trump. He has been told of Israel's considerable role in 9/11 by Steve Pieczenik, and now prefers to focus on anything but what really happened to bring us to this point in time. Pieczenik is not my favourite CFR member so I have no attachment to him in particular but from time to time he does say the uncomfortable truth and here we see him remind Alex that Trump cranking up the war machine in Afghanistan is another example of political and military cowardice in action.

Until people are prepared to join the dots up and call out 9/11 for the obnoxious lie it is then nothing gets fixed, and I am hearing the silence of the left and right on this for over a decade now because unless people are talking about it, they are moral cowards.

Gary Fisher - Presidio

I accidentally picked up a really sweet bike recently. It's a Gary Fisher Presidio that's been sitting in storage so I picked it up for a song. I'm still not over losing the KLEIN to a stupidly small lock outside the Siam Paragon in Bangkok and then I lost the vintage replica I bought on a mad night out on Sukhumvit Road. Since then I've been borrowing other people's bikes till I bought a cheap bike in Jomtien follow by a Giant Talon which is a terrific bike but I had to let it go after leaving Hong Kong. Fortunately the great Robert Stanley was coincidentally living just across the bay bay from me so he took it off my hands and saved me lugging it back to the UK at a premium.

A post shared by Charles Edward Frith (@charles.frith) on

A post shared by Charles Edward Frith (@charles.frith) on

Strange isn't it? The name Presidio

Also, it was for a sale literally a few doors up the road from where I am. 

Another piece of synchronicity. 

Anyway it's a real gents bicycle but it rides faster than any bike I've had yet. Like a hot knife through butter with the sweetest Bontrager tires imaginable and comes with a new found love for handlebar gear changes.

Sweet As.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Hell Or High Water - 2016

I'm not a big fan of robbery movies or even guns in scripts at all. However this movie more than compensates for a fairly pedestrian story with exquisite photography that captures the bigness of Texas.

Jeff Bridges is a poignant addition, playing a role that squeezes a dimension of acting out of him that we haven't seen before, though he's much older and I guess so am I.

"The only way to do that was to keep a shot longer than it could hold and finding something that was almost so banal that you had to wait long enough for what the visual interest would be".

Monday, 21 August 2017

Joseph Atwill & Tim Kelly - Power & Principalities Episode 13

What makes these conversations so special is that unless interviewing a proper scholar like Joseph Atwill, Tim Kelly can sometimes overwhelm the guests with his extensive knowledge and considerable book reading. Here, they both compliment each other and this series of discussions are among the finest on the net at present.

CIA Nazis, Knights of Malta, Vatican II, Lifetime actors, P2 Lodge, Illuminati and the New World Order get a good airing. Tim's riff on Vatican II is particularly impressive and I don't even agree with them both on a lot of narrative frameworks they settle on, as I feel there's a different way to assemble the moving parts. Just my opinion of course.

It's still the dogs bollocks.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Andy Weatherall - Music's Not For Everyone

It's a blessing when great music comes into our lives and elevates the pedestrian to the meaningful. I can barely move on Mixcloud there's so much quality music in my stream.

21 Grams - 2003

21 Grams is a non linear story with a surprise ending. There's something very comforting that the original website for the movie from 2003 is still on the internet. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Coal Miners Daughter - 1980

Quality film making. There are so many scenes in this movie that could be in 1990, 1890 and 2019. 

It's a timeless movie in this and many respects.

Sissy Spacek is, as usual, extraordinary.

As an aside Tommy Lee Jones who plays Loretta's husband in the movie, has a Neanderthal brow, supporting the DNA evidence that Homo Sapien both decimated, coexisted and bred with Neanderthals. 

Online I discovered that Spacek expected fellow Texan Tommy Lee Jones to be a good old boy but soon learned he was a sophisticated Harvard graduate. "I can honestly say he's always the smartest person in the room," she wrote in her autobiography. "Tommy Lee had great instincts about the film. ... He elevated my performance in every way."

Thursday, 17 August 2017

CW Chanter on David Wilcock

David Wilcock has the burden of being blessed with considerable intelligence and a seismic ego to go with it. He writes interesting new-age style books, researches in a syncretic manner that joins up very interesting dots, yet is completely unable to see what a bell-end he is. 

David is like Kerry Cassidy. They're the kind of people who have made a robust contribution to the alternative media scene, yet the aching yearning they both have to be recognised by the very same toxic Hollywood they have provided a counterbalance to is self evident any time a whiff of celebrity and stardom has come close to either of them.

Lately David, Kerry and that other wannabe celebrity Jimmy Church, have shredded their reputations by nailing their colours to the mast of some preposterous alien story that has been discredited by pretty much anyone of substance.

CW Chanter makes an amusing presentation on this subject. 

This is a train spotters blog post. It matters to a few hundred people around the world, maybe a few thousand most.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Requiem - 2006

I no longer always accept the orthodox psychiatric view of demonic possession and potentially see this (for example) in people throwing women under buses. I'm not saying neurological problems don't exist but I often see a spiritual problem in those often diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar and temporal lobe epilepsy.

I was born in Germany and lived there during the time this movie is set in around 1976. In this respect it was quite a nostalgia trip.

Sandra Huller is once again a great actress who seems to convey a lot while often saying or doing very little. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

The CIA & Charlottesville Nazis

Lee Stranahan was fired by Breitbart for being a proper journalist. Here he outlines the connections between the Ukrainian Nazis that Obama's State Department sponsored, and the psychopath who mowed down a protestor in Charlottesville.

There's always violence around the Extreme Right and Left (Antifa).

They're both manipulated by outside forces and only a shallow fool would think otherwise. This is a must watch presentation for those who are still breastfeeding on mainstream media version of events.

Children of Men - 2006

It's the year 2027. Swarms of illegal migrants are flooding into the UK, and police state Britain with all cops wearing black paratrooper uniforms is tooled-up to the nines.

The fertility rate is non existent so the youngest person is in their 20s. There's sky rocketing autism and government bombs going off everywhere in false flag scenarios to keep the sheep in a constant state of fear.

I was gobsmacked watching this movie which in 2006 was clearly fiction. 


Not so much.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

All Or Nothing - Mike Leigh 2002

Ultimately, the story's characters don't mesh together as smoothly as they should. The thin mother of an obese family including an obnoxious son who subsequently has a heart attack, thus pulling the family together, in a way that is mawkish and doesn't feel coherent. 

Individually they all knock out great performances, but the star is Sally Hawkins who easily has that screen-presence that fizzes and crackles. Her latest news article elaborates on her preference for privacy and perhaps that's why I've never come across her before but I'll be looking into her body of work for more gems.

Many describe Mike Leigh's work as bitter sweet, though for my taste it's about quintessentially working class English characters who live somewhat sour lives, punctuated by moments of respite described as sweet. 

It's still great work.

Update: I have come across Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Wicker Man (1973)

The Original Wicker Man from 1973 is brimming with the sort of occult and pagan symbolism that many today are much more familiar with. I wonder if the six sided star head chopping reference seen above was used in the 2006 remake?

I notice Jay Dyer has done a review of Radioheads 'Burn The Witch' which is pregnant with Wicker Man symbolism. This is ironic given their recent concert in Tel Aviv where they ignored Apartheid Israel's genocidal segregation of the occupied Palestinians.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

History Doesn't Mind Questions - Propaganda Does

This is an essential podcast between Joseph Atwill and Tim Kelly. One character who always turns up at significant moments in history is CD (Charles Douglas) Jackson or Jacobson as his real name was. This is the guy who presented the human lampshades and shrunken heads at Buchenwald which have gone missing and so can't be verified as props for psychological warfare.

CD Jackson also took care of the Zapruder film for the Life Magazine on behalf of the CIA.

He also interviewed Betty and Barney Hill of early UFO abduction fame, who we now think were part of military experiments.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Was Charles Manson A Programmed Multiple?

A quality presentation from Neil Sanders, apart from his inability to recognise that Andrew Breitbart tweeted about John Podesta's connection to sex trafficking years before the Pizzagate scandal. However, it's fair to say, Pizzagate has a lot of disinfo and deep state media manipulation about it.

One of my more adventurous hypothesis is that I occasionally see tell tale signs of AI or at least ERP-type software-management of critical media situations. We know it was used on 9/11 through PTEC and so we can hypothesize that a sophisticated level of software is used to manage a lot of moving parts, as well as add some level of insanity to the equation such as the so called PizzaGate shooter.

I'm also unclear why there's no mention, in this podcast, that Manson could easily have been a programmed multiple.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Why Does Seymour Hersh Behave Like A Blackmailed Paedophile?

I'm not suggesting Hersh is a child abuser for real. I am saying he peddles a limited hangout narrative that doesn't complete the circle. 

Any influential 9/11 denier is not to be trusted in this respect. 

That includes Noam Chomsky, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden and for sure Seymour Hersh who lost his credibility (and my respect) when his Bin Laden killing story was missing the vital info. 

It was Bin Laden's body double that was killed. Fortunately for us we would not have known it if that helicopter hadn't been downed. That wasn't supposed to happen, though the preposterous notion it had to be blown up confirms what is widely known in many circles.

Hersh is acting in this audio recording. Acting for his life?

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

MIchael Hoffman - The Occult Philosophy

MIchael Hoffman is invariably fearless and scholarly which is a rare combination in academic circles where cowardice is the modus operandi. He was recently interviewed on Truth Jihad Radio to review his latest book The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.

This presentation above is from 1987 and is a seminal speech on how things really work as best we know. You might find it useful to take notes.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Anthony Scaramucci

I have no expectation that Trump will deliver on his promises of arresting Hillary, drawing down NATO and reducing conflict in the world through arresting U.S. aggression. However I take great satisfaction in watching the fake left convulse spasmodically with every action Trump takes. They have sided with the Neocons, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Wall Street and the hated and toxic mainstream media just to be in opposition to his admittedly deceptive persona, and I think that's all that needs to be said about the superficiality and danger of contemporary left's psychology.

When Anthony Scaramucci was appointed Communications Director and Sean Spicer subsequently resigned I watched his first performance closely. Once again I have no faith in a Goldman Sachs parasite, but I was impressed with his energy and ability to bullshit convincingly with a fresh use of body language which seemed to leave the NLP automatons in contemporary politics looking extremely fake. 

Later on The Daily Show which has largely descended into the worst kind of political commentary came up with the second video of The Mooch copying Trump's gesticulations and I had to smile because it pretty much says they're both using a new type of visual language which separates them from the fingers interlinked emphasis of say Cameron and Blair. 

In this respect, the USA is well ahead of the game though I'm unsure if the point I'm making is understood. Maybe I don't have the best words.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Jewish Great Grandmother - Lucy Myers

For a number of years my father was obsessed with genealogy. He uncovered that our Great Grandmother (in the middle with my sister to her right and my brother to her left and me on the concrete), Lucy Meyers, was a Polish Jew. 

I recall ultra Zionist Blairite Marko Atilla Hoare questioning my Semitic credentials so let me put this down in writing. I challenge him and any other doubters to a molecular DNA test to determine who is more Semitic. I've been throwing down this gauntlet online for years.

Nobody has taken me up.

Final Judgment - Book Review

Quite often the most dangerous books are available for free in pdf format and readable on a Kindle or generic book reading software. They are invariably tampered with by global internet censors/intelligence orgs to make them ridiculous or unreadable. Often they are seeded with disinformation to make a fool of the reader who unwittingly quotes them verbatim.

I'm not going to lie. The official online copy of Final Judgement that I read isn't a great read, though it is a great book. It's packed with amazingly granular information that details the overwhelming connections between the Jewish Mob, Mossad, Sayanim and Israeli Terrorist Gangs/Politicians and the execution of JFK and so forth,  but in the final analysis it's not written all that well, and repeats itself a lot.

Nevertheless, Piper is an excellent researcher and has inconclusively proved through documentation that the Israel connection is a largely undeniable part, if not driving force behind the JFK execution milieu. 

If it was down to me I would cut the book in half, reduce the number of endless iterations, and write it in a manner that is more accessible polished and subtle. 

I might in fact do this one day as the book deserves a wider audience.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What Andrew Breitbart Said About John Podesta

It is a fact that researchers uncovered a child abuse scenario around Comet Pizza and John Podesta. It is a fact that we subsequently learned Andrew Breitbart (who died in mysterious circumstances) was tweeting the same information some years earlier.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Does AntiGrav Exist?

Franken Skies - Full Length Documentary - Directors Cut

Southampton Chemtrails 
Southampton Chemtrails

Southampton Chemtrails 

Southampton Chemtrails 

I'm not particularly invested in the Chemtrail subject. Once I learned of it in Asia I put time into observing the skies and saw very little evidence of it in that part of the world, though when I did see it, it was clear the trails had a different quality from the contrails we expect to see from planes. They billow from the rear of the plane as opposed to materialize but it takes a few weeks of observation to discern this.

However, on my return to the UK the thing that has stood out most is the sheer volume of chemtrails in the skies. I have no idea what the spraying program is for though I suspect blocking out the light, for geoengineering purposes is part of the effort as well as possibly spraying humans like cockroaches with barium, aluminium and strontium.

There are very obvious questions to the logistics of spraying the Western world with fine metal particulates on sunny clear days and I don't have all the answer, though I suspect that some trails are an additive to the fuel that were not always included.

The photos above are from Southampton on a clear day near Shirley High Street. Chemtrails are officially described as Geoengineering at UN and CFR presentations.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Beatrice Dillon & Chris Menist - NTS Radio

Southampton Water and Docks from Weston Shore

There's so much terrific music available on Mixcloud and Soundcloud. I tried out Spotify recently in the last few days, but it seems to peddle the mainstream jokers the Illuminati*  like to push on the consumer classes, and which they call artists.

*Or whatever trash-on-humanity-group controls the popular music business.

Rabbi Shmuley Vs Christopher Hitchens

The repugnant racist Rabbi Scmuley gets Hitchslapped for an hour or so.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Poker Flat Recordings - Dario D'Attis - Solera EP

The Mouseketeers

Somewhere between Disney Princess Programming and the Mouseketeers (Mickey Mouse Club) is a very bad smell.

Monday, 17 July 2017

I'm A Russian Agent

Every day the media's reputation tanks a little more and memes have been the most powerful weapon in that fight. This is ironic given that memes are primarily an advertising trick of combing text with visuals. 

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Global Hyenas Circle Venezuela

Venezuela has had everything thrown at it by the globalist vultures. The CIA tried assassination, Pentagon advisors, NGO agent provocateurs, currency wars, Wall Street, Neocon hyenas, Zionist media, fake progressives and sponsored violence. It is a miracle how they've survived and the silence from the fake left is deafening.

The media even refers to the Neocon Neoliberal Zionist opposition plant as Henri Capriles instead of Radonski which is his real name.